Safety first.

Are you worried that your repaired wheel may not be safe? Well, BEWARE OF THE BULLSHIT!!

Some operators claim to be "qualified wheel repairers". There is no such qualification.

Some claim to be "registered with the LTSA", as if this is a good thing. In fact, the LTSA only keep a close eye on those wheel repairers that they have concerns about, or who have been the subject of complaints in the past. In all the years we have been repairing wheels we have never had a complaint made against us.

If you have any safety concerns, talk to us. We have Engineering Trade Certificate, Technicians Certificate and Degree qualified engineers on our staff who understand the metallurgical principles involved as well as the mechanical loadings on the different parts of a wheel.

The bottom line is this:

If a wheel would not be safe after repair, we won't repair it!!

It's as simple as that.